Join the CIFAR Knowledge Circle

Join the CIFAR
Knowledge Circle

It’s a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with people who are asking the questions that matter – and to discover the exciting answers that are emerging on the frontiers of research.

The CIFAR Knowledge Circle brings together thoughtful, inquisitive people and introduces them to the many innovative thinkers who are doing ground-breaking work at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. As a member of the CIFAR Knowledge Circle, you have unique access to some of the leading minds of our time – via exclusive events and publications, around dining tables and in other intimate settings, and through stimulating, one-on-one conversations. You gain insights across the spectrum of human challenges, from gauging the impact of climate change, to improving social wellbeing, to understanding the forces that shape the universe and our life within it. At the same time, the Circle provides a forum for these gifted investigators to gain insights from you and other thinking people. We hope you’ll join us in this special community of problem solvers who thrive on the free exchange of ideas, the pleasure of finding common ground and the energy that can be drawn from an infinitely renewable resource: human knowledge.


Join the CIFAR Knowledge Circle


In addition to gaining direct access to global research pioneers and their remarkable discoveries and insights, you’ll enjoy many other benefits as a member of the CIFAR Knowledge Circle.


CIFAR         LEADER $25,000–$49,999 CIFAR VISIONARY
$50,000 +
Exclusive briefings with CIFAR experts at complimentary breakfasts/lunches (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver)
Special admission pricing for CIFAR Roundtable Dinners and cocktail events
Complimentary subscription to CIFAR Exchange a monthly e-bulletin with breaking news from the CIFAR community
Complimentary subscription to Reach magazine
Recognition of your support in CIFAR publications
CEO’s book pick of the year by CIFAR researchers
Research updates customized to your areas of interest
One-on-one meeting with a CIFAR researcher in your city
Personalized recognition reflecting your support
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